J. Elizabeth Vincent, Author

Welcome to my home on the web! My name is J. Elizabeth Vincent, and I am a fiction author. Under my birth name, I write nonfiction and am also a freelance editor.

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I have been writing fiction, mostly of the speculative nature, since I was fourteen. However, it’s only in the past few years that I have become serious about writing publishable fiction to share with the world.

In the last two years, I have published two short stories, “Transgression” (second-place fiction winner of the 2016 Blue Ridge Writers Golden Nib contest, published in Skyline 2017) and “Fly” (to be published in the Virginia Writers’ Club centennial anthology).

At the moment, I am working on two speculative fiction novels, an epic fantasy entitled Flight of the Ceo San and an urban fantasy entitled Blood Mastery. They are both written at least to first draft stage and first books in their series. I intend to self-publish both.

I plan on writing short stories to go in these series as well.

Because I still have a day job, my stories aren’t being published quite as quickly as I want them to, but I try to write a little every day, so they are always getting closer.

October 2017 Update: The revisions for Flight of the Ceo San are almost done! Next up will be outlining and drafting the second book in the series, Rise of the Ceo San, which I plan on starting in NaNoWriMo in November.