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Raven Thrall, J. Elizabeth Vincent, fantasy novel, epic fantasy, Legends of the Ceo San

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Raven Thrall (Legends of the Ceo San Book 1)
An Epic Fantasy by J. Elizabeth Vincent

Born an outsider. Betrayed by her mother. Forced from her home.

Mariah considers herself nothing less than a freak. After all, no one else is half-human, half-hawk. Living alone, away from judging eyes and a kingdom that would make her a slave, is the only way to survive. But her mentor starts to push, to hint that she is meant for greater things. Two young raven shifters have been taken, and she may be the only one who can save them.

To rescue them, Mariah must expose herself in the heart of enemy territory, and giving up her freedom may be the only chance she has…

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Healer’s Sacrifice
A Legends of the Ceo San Novella

healer's sacrifice, j. elizabeth vincent, fantasy novella, legends of the ceo san

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Raven Thrall, the Audiobook, Is Officially in Production!

I’m happy to announce that the audiobook for Raven Thrall is officially in production with the talented Lynn Norris at the mic. I received the first 15 minutes last week, and it was terrific. I asked for just a few changes (mostly pronunciations of world-specific words) and got to listen to the revised prologue today. …