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Raven Thrall, J. Elizabeth Vincent, fantasy novel, epic fantasy, Legends of the Ceo San

Raven Thrall (Legends of the Ceo San Book 1)
An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Mariah spent the first nineteen years of her life at her father’s side, working tirelessly in his smithy and hiding her wings and her true nature from the world. It wasn’t an ideal life, but it was hers.

In a single afternoon, everything came crashing down around her. In the flash of a single moment, she lost everything and was driven from her home.

Years have passed, and Mariah has learned to live alone, to survive, far away from judging eyes and her home kingdom, the kingdom that would sooner see her locked in chains than free and happy.

But once again, her life is turned upside down when Xae, a young refugee shifter, comes flying in, asking anyone who will listen for help. Mariah’s mentor pushes her to aid him, hinting that the young woman is meant for greater things. Xae’s little sisters have been captured, and Mariah may be the only one who can save them.

To succeed, she must return to her homeland and venture all the way to the seat of the king’s power. Despite help from the friends Mariah and Xae make along the way, abandoning her own freedom may be the only way she can deliver the two little girls from a life of servitude and torture.

Will their daring plan to free Xae’s family work, or will Mariah end up bound by the shackles she’s spent her whole life trying to avoid?

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Healer’s Sacrifice
A Legends of the Ceo San Prequel Novella

healer's sacrifice, j. elizabeth vincent, fantasy novella, legends of the ceo sanIs baby Shira blessed or cursed? If the king takes her before she has a chance to fulfill her destiny, no one may ever know.

Since disease stole her mother at a young age, Rose Caden has longed to become a healer. Juggling her family, her work, and her studies on the edge of a blade, she’s almost made it. But her life is transformed in one night when her daughter’s magic—forbidden magic—reveals itself.

When even her mentors refuse to aid her, Rose must find a solution or risk losing her daughter forever.

Note from the Author

Healer’s Sacrifice takes place approximately sixteen years before the prologue of Raven Thrall and tells the story of Shira Caden’s mother, Rose.

It is not an essential part of the overall arc of the Legends of the Ceo San series but instead contains a little bit extra, a peek into Shira’s early life if you will.

Healer’s Sacrifice is intended to be read after Raven Thrall. However, it contains only one minor spoiler for the novel and could safely be read before that book or on its own.

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