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My Books & Stories

Fiction (under J. Elizabeth Vincent)

Novel-Length Fiction

Revelation of the Dragon
Legends of the Ceo San Book 2

Heroic/epic fantasy
Coming April 2, 2020 in paperback and ebook
Audible audiobook coming summer 2020

Raven Thrall, J. Elizabeth Vincent

Raven Thrall
Legends of the Ceo San Book 1

Heroic/epic fantasy
Published March 2018. Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.
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Short Stories

healer's sacrifice, j. elizabeth vincent, fantasy novella, legends of the ceo san

Healer’s Sacrifice

Novella and prequel to Raven Thrall. Epic fantasy, published July 2018.
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2nd place winner, 2016 Blue Ridge Writers Club Golden Nib Contest
Appears in  Skyline 2017: Prose and Poetry by Central Virginia Writers, edited by Olivia Stowe.


Fantasy (stand-alone short story and prologue to Raven Thrall)
Published in The Best of The Virginia Writers Club: Centennial Anthology 1918-2018, November 2017. Free with newsletter signup.

“Slime and Squirrelly Noises”

Humor, flash fiction.

 “What She Wanted”

Horror, flash fiction.

“A Pillowy Sea”

A Legends of the Ceo San Story, flash fiction. Takes place shortly after “Fly.”