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Why I Gave Up on Wattpad

I gave Wattpad up after an admittedly short try (only a few weeks of regular uploading). I guess I was hoping that one could post a decent story there and magically get  people to read, vote, and interact.



However, Wattpad is social media—even though it is unique in that its users interact through stories. And I quickly learned that without making a substantial investment in the community, I would not be able to gain traction with those readers.

Already Overwhelmed

I don’t know about you, but I am already overwhelmed with social media and my online community. I’m already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I interact daily with other writers and readers in these forums. Investing any substantial amount on another social media site is just not doable for me right now.

I’m also an editor and designer—these pay the bills, you know.

Trying to work, market my published books, keep up with social media, and still have time to write is already pretty much impossible, so I need to step back on a few things, especially marketing so that I can continue to write. And, oh wait, there’s the family, too …

Wattpad, where I had the least time invested seemed the logical first choice to go. It’s no bad reflection on the platform itself.

Setting Priorities

Blood Mastery, the book I was working on for Wattpad, will have to get in line behind Revelation of Dragon (Book 2, Legends of the Ceo San).

Wattpad may be a great platform for writers who are looking for a place to get established and to build a new audience. My audience isn’t huge, but it’s definitely got footing, and it’s growing. So, I’d like to continue to cultivate it instead of “starting over,” which is what Wattpad feels like for me at this point.

For those few who were reading Blood Mastery, apologies! But better to be a productive writer than to be scattered and overwhelmed one.

Happy reading!

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