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Books from J. Elizabeth Vincent

Rise of the Ceo San book. Legends of the Ceo San Book 3.
Available in paperback on Amazon.com.
Available March 12, 2021 in ebook on Amazon.com.
Audiobook coming soon.

Rise of the Ceo San
Legends of the Ceo San Book 3

Reluctant heroine Mariah Griven has finally accepted the responsibility for saving her people from tyrannical King Rothgar.

With her powers growing quickly, she sets out to find allies who can help her free the children enslaved by the king. However, Queen Cenessa of Cillian has her own plans for the High Chosen.

Fighting manipulation from all sides, Mariah must find the strength to stand on her own and protect those who mean the most to her.

War is coming to Whitelea, and Mariah is at its heart.

A shapeshifting, epic fantasy adventure about friendship, family, and sacrifice

Ebook and paperback available on Amazon.com.
Audiobook available on Audible.com.

Revelation of the Dragon
Legends of the Ceo San Book 2

Pulled by the will of gods and the call of her best friend, Mariah knows it’s time to return.

The children she left behind, the children she didn’t save, are waiting, still imprisoned in camps, still being molded into tools to deliver the world into the hands of a power-hungry king.

Mariah will need help to destroy the slave camps and deliver the children to safety.

But will questions about her past derail Mariah’s quest and have her fleeing for her life before she can even begin?

An epic, shapeshifting fantasy adventure about the friends we choose and the choices we make

Audible version coming summer 2020.

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Raven Thrall paperback book and ebook
Ebook and paperback available on Amazon.com
Audiobook available on Audible.com.

Raven Thrall
Legends of the Ceo San Book 1

After twenty-six years of hiding from the king’s soldiers and enduring loss beyond measure, Mariah has finally unlocked her ability to shapeshift.

Before she can even figure out what that means, her mentor thrusts her into an impossible mission to rescue two young shifters from the life of subjugation she barely escaped.

Will returning to her homeland end up costing Mariah the freedom she gave up everything to gain?

An epic fantasy adventure about friendship and doing what’s right, whatever the cost

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healer's sacrifice, j. elizabeth vincent, fantasy novella, legends of the ceo san
Ebook and paperback available on Amazon.com.
Audiobook available on Audible.com.

Healer’s Sacrifice
A Legends of the Ceo San Prequel Novella

Is baby Shira blessed or cursed? If the king takes her before she has a chance to fulfill her destiny, no one may ever know.

Since disease stole her mother at a young age, Rose Caden has longed to become a healer. Juggling her family, her work, and her studies on the edge of a blade, she’s almost made it. But her life is transformed in one night when her daughter’s magic—forbidden magic—reveals itself.

When even her mentors refuse to aid her, Rose must find a solution or risk losing her daughter forever.

Note from the Author

Healer’s Sacrifice takes place approximately sixteen years before the prologue of Raven Thrall and tells the story of Shira Caden’s mother, Rose.

It is not an essential part of the overall arc of the Legends of the Ceo San series but instead contains a little bit extra, a peek into Shira’s early life if you will.

Healer’s Sacrifice is intended to be read after Raven Thrall. However, it contains only one minor spoiler for the novel and could safely be read before that book or on its own.

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